Solari 6

Solari 6
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

Welfare Italia Milano Solari 6 is a medical center that offers more than 40 specialist practices in health care. The center, which is part of the national social franchise brand Welfare Italia and affiliated to the National Health Service, was created to be close to families with the aim of promoting health and well-being. It responds to a growing and articulated need: make high-level medicine accessible to all people, in terms of waiting times, costs and performance. Welfare Italia Servizi is a social franchising network, composed by 20 health care centres located all over Italy and managed by a social enterprise. It constitutes an alternative solution to a very expensive private health care service and provides recipients with proximity and high quality services managed by a private community of social actors.

Description of scaling process

At the beginning of BENISI project the center was just defining its sustainability. During the project and in the middle of it, the focus moved to the further development of services, including those that proving less effective to users. Today, it aims at promoting further experiences in other territories, up to the internationalization of its activity. Direct support has been provided by CGM – Italian network of social cooperatives and enterprises – member of DIESIS – and the national franchisor Welfare Italia, in terms of training, advice, business coaching, contacts with local authorities.

A key success factor for scaling was the support provided by the Welfare Italia national franchising network, which offered support for business planning, marketing and HR management, but also the deep knowledge of the territory and its social needs, thanks to the embedded nature of social cooperatives in the local community.

Scaling results

As far the quantitative scale, in 2013 the center supplied 1000 specialized services to people who had access to vouchers or needed to integrate visits from the National Health Service. Income increased by about 18 percent for each service in 2014. In terms of staff there is one Director, one financial manager, one president and one coordinator for development. It needs to recruit one administrative officer and one development manager to work with shareholders and the theme of mutuality. Technical staff comprises six receptionists, two nurses and 54 doctors. The turnover is currently seen to have increased up to 720,000 Euros.