My Dream Now

My Dream Now
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

Companies need skilled labor. While many students lack motivation in middle school and high school, in some areas more than four out of ten pupils of primary school enter high school without qualifications. They have few role models and do not know what exciting opportunities they have in the labor market. My Dream Now organises meetings and exchange between students, university students and professionals to inspire young people to see their potential and see the value in engaging in their own education.

My Dream Now focuses on areas with high potential, with high unemployment. They have developed a tool that assists students in the process of identifying long-term goals and breaks it down to immediate targets. My Dream Now also provides an opportunity for companies, as their customers, to offer their employees meaningful activities as coaches to middle school students during office hours.

Description of scaling process

My Dream Now successfully used capacity building and branching to scale. They have formalised and systemised their offer which enables them to replicate it in new settings. They have strong international partners that are also interested in supporting their activities in other locations.

The immediate strategy and mission is to grow in Sweden and have a national presence that will enable the organisation to reach and motivate youth throughout the country. The longer term goal is to expand, with partners, in the Nordic countries. In addition, they are interested in expanding internationally. The ambition is to reach as many young people as possible.

​My Dream Now envisions a well-established collaboration between schools and the private sector in Sweden, in such a way that enables pupils to solve real problems that are given to them in school, and combine this with understanding and knowledge of a potential career path. This will provide understanding for different professional roles, understanding of the education required to achieve that, and the possibilities of getting a job in line with interest.

Scaling Results

Over the span of BENISI, My Dream Now increased its annual revenue from 1.3 million SEK in 2014 to 2.4 million SEK in 2015 and is targeting a revenue of 3.8 million SEK by the end of 2016. They now have presence in four major cities in Sweden. Their partners are mainly organisations with international reach, which allows them to initiate international expansion conversations with the same partners (in Europe and Africa). My Dream Now has already reached 1100 beneficiaries and is currently only available in Swedish.