22nd April 2016 vincent


Mission and vision

Instock-cooking means the preparation of a meal by being creative with the products that one has in stock. Instock believes we can rescue over 200,000 kilos of food in 2016 in the Netherlands, by collecting food from AH (Ahold supermarket chain) stores. Furthermore they hope to inspire consumers to cook more and waste less.

At Instock the chefs create dishes with products that would otherwise go to waste. These products are collected every morning, by an electrical food rescue car. Therefore it is always a surprise what the ‘harvest of the day’ will be in the restaurant, the toko and the food truck. Instock stands for good and inventive dishes and, that looks to enjoy food rather than wasting it.

Description of scaling process

Instock has used a variety of scaling strategies, depending on the type of product that they are scaling. Instock started as a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam that was so successful that the entrepreneurs, while working at Ahold, decided to set up an actual restaurant in Amsterdam at a different location. This restaurant has been up and running successfully for a year, turning food waste into breakfast, lunch and dinner for thousands of customers. Beside the restaurant, Instock also offers ready-to-go meals and take-out food in their ‘toko’ and with their food truck. In this journey, Instock has been supported by Ahold, who invested in new locations and provides them with free food from their supermarkets.

Instock’s primary aim is not just saving the food, but its main goal is to spread awareness about food waste: how to prevent food from being wasted and to show how this can be done in a healthy and tasty way. As such, besides increasing its physical capacity (with a second restaurant in a new city in the Netherlands, the existing restaurant, the food truck and toko), Instock is also developing a product line with preserved food surplus. This enables them to rescue even more kilos of food.

Apart from capacity building, Instock will launch its first cook book in spring 2016 to openly disseminate its knowledge on putting food surplus on the menu. Reaching people at home will hopefully activate them to throw away less food, increasing Instock’s impact on a bigger scale. As the cook book will be translated into English after the first Dutch edition is published, many more people outside of the Netherlands will be reached and positively affected.

Scaling Results

Since June 2014 until the end of 2015, Instock has saved 90,000 kilos of food from becoming food waste. The enterprise expects to triple its impact in 2016. Since its start, Instock has built up a team of 50 people, which is expected to double in 2016, as they are working on opening a 2nd and 3rd  restaurant in 2016.