Funds For Good

Funds For Good
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

The vision of Funds For Good is to generate enough revenues to finance and coach 100,000 entrepreneurs in Europe. Their mission consists in offering quality investment funds generating a concrete social impact.

Description of scaling process

Funds For Good was founded in 2011. Their objective: allow jobless people with no financial resources to have access to microcredit and launch their entrepreneurial project, through loans and coaching. Coaching activities would come from commitment of their time, and those of community members. Financial support would represent 10 percent of income or 50 percent of profits of Funds For Good, active in the creation and distribution of investment funds.

Since 2013, in Belgium 52 entrepreneurs have benefited from loans thanks to Funds For Good, and roughly 50 percent of them benefit from an adapted coaching program. Funds For Good’s community of clients grows every day, supported by their sales network, these being mainly insurance brokers and bankers. In 2016, a new Web-based application will permit expansion of its volunteer activities, and offer more information about the generated impact. Also, Funds For Good will start operations in France. To this end, the firm could count of the support of BENISI which opened its network.