Fundatia Motivation

Fundatia Motivation
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

Since 1995, Motivation Romania brought back freedom of movement and hope to over 10,000 children and adults with disabilities. The services offered cover a wide range of needs of children and adults with disabilities – from equipment suitable for different types of mobility disabilities, to rehabilitation therapy and independent living training, with an instructor in the wheelchair.

Motivation Romania programs focus on social, educational and professional inclusion through consultancy for accessibility, by facilitating employment of people with disabilities, through day center services or leisure activities such as adapted sports or cultural events.

Description of scaling process

Motivation’s history began in 1995 with wheelchair production. The guiding principle which they have remained loyal to all these years is that of providing the best mobility solution to those who ask for support. Motivation’s wheelchairs are adapted to the individual needs of each user, and are always accompanied by training and advice for independent use. In Romania, Motivation is the only supplier of special equipment adapted to the needs of children with mobility disabilities, including those with Cerebral Palsy.

The organization has developed strong capabilities in providing mobility services – from wheelchair provision and servicing to car adaptation – garnering awards and recognition as one of the first social enterprises in Romania. At this moment, Motivation serves up to 2,500 beneficiaries per year with mobility equipment, independent life training, building accessibility consultancy, medical services and employment services.

However, one of the major challenges the organization has been facing is geographical reach throughout the country, especially given that beneficiaries face a mobility challenge. This has prompted the organization to initiate a national scaling initiative, aiming to launch eight new social economy structures through a franchising system.

Scaling Results

By building a network of partners, creating and delivering customized training for all technical staff involved working in the new location and organizing know-how in a comprehensive franchising manual, Motivation has multiplied its coverage. An important success factor in developing the network has also been the organization’s work with relevant institutions, such as agencies allocating resource support for the services provided to beneficiaries. This has created a context for franchisees to operate in a system that recognizes the expertise and support provided by Motivation nationally.