Digital Mums

Digital Mums
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

Women shouldn’t have to choose between having a job they enjoy and spending as much time as they want with their children. Of course everyone makes different choices but Digital Mums think they should be allowed the choice to have both. The reality is that 70 percent of women in the UK leave the workforce because they find it impossible to combine their career and family life. Three quarters feel there is not enough flexibility. There are so many reasons stopping mothers from finding a satisfying job that they can fit around their family – the astronomical cost of childcare, bosses unyielding to part-time hour requests, skills becoming out-of-date in our fast-paced world… to name just a few.

Description of scaling process

Digital Mums created a six-month social media management skills training course with a placement in a small organisation. The Digital Mum would plan and implement a social media strategy for that organisation over five months, with the support of their tutors. A large proportion would then be taken into employment with that same organisation as high-calibre social media managers. Demand has been high for this intensive, high-touch training. But Digital Mums also wanted to ensure that their training was accessible at a more affordable price and to create a product that could be replicated internationally. They therefore created a second distance-learning training option which included the same rigorous content but without the placement element. This will be the product they start to pilot in new countries, initially, to see if the market is ready for them.

Scaling Results

As a result, income increased from 119,000 to 450,000 euros and staff strength doubled from three to six. They also secured 360,000 euros (mixture of private / social investors) which came into play early March 2016. This investment will allow Digital Mums to significantly expand its team, especially on the marketing front, taking on another six FTEs (full-time employee equivalents) to help scale and grow the business.