22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

The Compuritas hardware distribution program offers professionally refurbished computer equipment to schools, the NGO sector and under-privileged households to help to close the digital gap.

The social start-up Compuritas was founded in 2009 in Graz, Austria. It provides an organizational and technical interface between hardware donors and recipients. As an environmentally and socially innovative enterprise, Compuritas collects cooperating companies’ hardware, repair and recondition the equipment it in their IT workshop and allocate it to non-profit organizations, schools and private customers, according to its Distribution Charter. As well as affordable hardware, the new users receive repair and servicing at affordable rates. The life cycle of each computer is increased by 50-100 percent, saving many production resources while benefitting the environment and society!

The Hardware Distribution Program aims to support underprivileged sectors of society and to strengthen charities. Within the past years, the Compuritas Hardware-Distribution Programme has received national attention and has earned numerous respected awards for its innovative business concept – e.g. Austrian Climate Protection Award, Trigos, Ö-GUT Environment Award…

Description of scaling process

The venture worked on the question of what to mainly scale: impact or revenue. Driven by the goal to scale their impact, the venture tried to find a model to achieve just that. They decided to start with Branching as a first step. For this the venture went through a thorough assessment of their shop concept, managed to raise significant monies and got mentors and advisors on board. Due to cultural challenges and limited capacity in the team, the venture decided to focus on their scaling in the Austrian market to begin with. For this and through the participation a national start-up TV investor show/competition they were able to acquire positive media visibility which helped the process.

Scaling results

Today, Compuritas:

  • Saves up to 550 kg of CO2, 11 kg of chemicals, 120 kg of fossil fuels and 750 litres of water with each computer refurbished
  • Has received 83,750 Euros of investment through crowd investing and a 100,000 Euros of media capital (winner of National TV show ‘2 minutes 2 millions’)
  • It has increased its turnover from 100,000 to 190,000 Euros.