Citizens’ Agreement

Citizens’ Agreement
22nd April 2016 vincent

Mission and vision

The Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona is the space of private-public participation for the cooperation between institutions and organizations in the city of Barcelona working to build a more inclusive society and better quality of life for all the people. The main objective is to create a stronger society with better social cohesion.

Description of scaling process

The Citizens’ agreement was established in April 2006 with 235 entities, enterprises and institutions; less than ten years later the initiative scaled to 578 organisations (December 2014). The members are associations and federations (75 percent), citizens, public administrations (10 percent), enterprises (5 percent) and some others. The main activities of the members are education, health, employment, local actions…

The scaling strategy has been based on opening new working networks. In 2006 only three networks existed: care of children, adolescence and social economy. Year after year, additional networks were created, providing each of them a multiplication of resources as a result of cooperation and mutual understanding. This increased efficiency and the creation of unique workspaces that did not exist previously in the city of Barcelona. The main impact of the citizen agreement is the involvement of over 13,000 volunteers which work in coordination with 17,000 professionals to reinforce social cohesion in the City of Barcelona.

A key aspect of successful scaling is the use, by the municipality, of dedicated professionals to manage the Citizens’ agreement. There is also a clear structure to integrate different stakeholders to contribute with a defined structure using thematic working networks (currently there are 13 working networks).

With new societal challenges come new initiatives, for example, the plan ‘Ciutat Refugi’ (Ignasi Calvo) mobilising (through the same structure of the Citizens ‘agreement) those volunteers providing assistance to the new immigrants from the war in Syria. It also acts a channel of the additional €390.000 Euros of funding provided by the municipality of Barcelona.

Scaling results

The agreement is led by the municipality. Since its creation in 2006 it has been able to integrate over 500 entities organised in 13 sub-networks dealing with different aspects: immigrants, homelessness, children’s rights, social use of time, social economy, etc.