During the past three years, we have supported and tracked some 300 social innovations, all over Europe, in the most diverse applications. In this online guide, we highlight a selection of 26 cases.

  • 2JEvents

    2JEvents rents out spaces in schools in the evenings, weekends and school holidays to community groups, sports clubs and individuals…

  • Allia

    Allia is a charity that supports social ventures through business support, workspace and social finance.

  • BeeOdiversity

    BeeOdiversity’s develops projects and offers advice on how to boost biodiversity, food diversity and the well-being of everyone by protecting…

  • Citizens’ Agreement

    Citizen’ Agreement is the space for the cooperation between institutions and organizations in the city of Barcelona working to build…

  • Compuritas

    The Compuritas hardware distribution program offers professionally refurbished computer equipment to schools, the NGO sector and under-privileged households to help…

  • Digital Mums

    Digital Mums created a six-month social media management skills training course with a placement in a small organisation. The Digital…

  • Energie Solidali

    Energie Solidali promotes work integration of disadvantaged people, especially those who have problems related to alcohol or drugs addiction, psychiatric…

  • Funds For Good

    Funds For Good offers quality investment funds generating a concrete social impact.

  • Fundatia Motivation

    Motivation Romania brings back freedom of movement and hope to over 10,000 children and adults with disabilities.

  • Instock

    Instock-cooking means the preparation of a meal by being creative with the products that one has in stock.

  • IT Guide

    IT Guide’s mission is twofold. To help the young immigrants, because most of them never meet Swedish natives outside of…

  • Le Mat

    Le Mat turns ideas to reality by bringing and advising on social issues using the principles of responsible tourism and…

  • Matte Centrum

    Matte Centrum is a non-profit organization which offers free help to children to improve their skills in mathematics.

  • MicroStart

    MicroStart promotes a vision where each human being regardless his or her educational background, income, economic position or geographical origin…

  • My Dream Now

    My Dream Now organises meetings and exchange between students, university students and professionals to inspire young people to see their…

  • New Horizons Foundation

    New Horizons inspires youth for social change by innovating and sustaining models of experiential education.

  • Oneplanetcrowd

    Oneplanetcrowd aims to be Europe’s largest crowdfunding platform for sustainable and social projects.

  • Opera Domani

    Opera Domani aims at raising young audiences’ interest in opera through the production of interactive shows and didactic programs.

  • Party for the People

    Party for the People (PFTP) fundraises for charities through music events and ticketing.

  • Ruffboards

    Ruffboards produce uniquely designed longboards out of old snowboards together with ex-convicts.

  • Solari 6

    Welfare Italia Milano Solari 6 is a medical center that offers more than 40 specialist practices in health care.

  • The Canvas Workshop

    The Canvas Workshop is committed to reaching zero waste production, promoting sustainable production and consumption and offering jobs to disadvantaged…

  • Three Coins

    Three Coins develops innovative learning tools for financial literacy education.

  • Tournée da Bar

    Tournée da Bar means classical theatre in unconventional spaces to get in touch with new audiences, lower barriers and make…

  • WEEE in Prison

    WEEE in prison promotes the social and labour inclusion of disadvantaged people under criminal prosecution or just released from prison.

  • Yoni

    Yoni believes every woman should have the choice for healthier tampons, pads and panty liners.