Figure 1 : BENISI Scaling Journey

Scaling Path

We designed the BENISI Scaling Journey consisting of four stages: Readiness, Design, Implementation and Follow-up & Evaluation. It tells you how to go about the scaling journey, step by step.


Support Resource Directory

Within the BENISI program we have compiled support resources for scaling social enterprises, covering funding, coaching, research…  Discover our Support Resource Directory now.


When it comes to social innovation, sceptics and enthusiasts abound. The former point to the sheer impossibility of social innovation. The latter point to its absolute necessity to address pressing problems such as social inequality, youth unemployment or resource depletion.

At BENISI, we firmly believe in the power of social innovation. We do so because we have seen it happen for real. During the past three years, we have supported and tracked some 300 social innovations, all over Europe, in the most diverse applications.

While many of these innovations have been impactful, we have also witnessed that the innovators often struggle to scale up. Many find it challenging to reach people and have impact outside the local community where their innovation originated – and to do so fast.

We have been privileged to learn from their scaling experiences, and are pleased to bring you this guide with practical tips and tricks, real cases, and links to useful resources. It tells you how to go about the scaling journey, step by step.

The guide reaches out to social innovators, to people working at incubators and to the social innovation community at large. As it is meant to be a living document, we encourage you to share with us your enriching comments and insights.

In the meantime, enjoy your journey!

The BENISI team



During the past three years, we have supported and tracked some 300 social innovations, all over Europe, in the most diverse applications. In this online guide, we highlight a selection of 26 cases.

  • 2JEvents

    2JEvents rents out spaces in schools in the evenings, weekends and school holidays to community groups, sports clubs and individuals (their customers) for events and classes.

  • Allia

    Allia is a charity that supports social ventures through business support, workspace and social finance.

  • BeeOdiversity

    BeeOdiversity’s develops projects and offers advice on how to boost biodiversity, food diversity and the well-being of everyone by protecting pollinators, via a global, innovative and scientific approach while uniting and raising awareness amongst all the stakeholders .

  • Citizens’ Agreement

    Citizen’ Agreement is the space for the cooperation between institutions and organizations in the city of Barcelona working to build a more inclusive society and better quality of life for all the people.

  • Compuritas

    The Compuritas hardware distribution program offers professionally refurbished computer equipment to schools, the NGO sector and under-privileged households to help to close the digital gap.

  • Digital Mums

    Digital Mums created a six-month social media management skills training course with a placement in a small organisation. The Digital Mum would plan and implement a social media strategy for that organisation over five months, with the support of their tutors.

  • Energie Solidali

    Energie Solidali promotes work integration of disadvantaged people, especially those who have problems related to alcohol or drugs addiction, psychiatric disease, psychological distress and physical disability and for convicts admitted to alternative measures.

  • Funds For Good

    Funds For Good offers quality investment funds generating a concrete social impact.

  • Fundatia Motivation

    Motivation Romania brings back freedom of movement and hope to over 10,000 children and adults with disabilities.

  • Instock

    Instock-cooking means the preparation of a meal by being creative with the products that one has in stock.

  • IT Guide

    IT Guide’s mission is twofold. To help the young immigrants, because most of them never meet Swedish natives outside of school and therefore they have difficulties learning about Swedish society and speaking the language. It also hopes to help seniors come to grips with IT trends.

  • Le Mat

    Le Mat turns ideas to reality by bringing and advising on social issues using the principles of responsible tourism and social economy.